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The all-in-one digital farming system

Prospera collects and analyzes vast amounts of farm data to help you control and optimize your production and growing systems. A pragmatic system built to deliver instant value, it digitizes your major production workflows and uses the resulting data output to give you actionable insights.

Data collection

Prospera harvests data with sensors, applications and interfaces. Any data source can be connected to our hub, including our own sensors, that combine computer vision, micro weather station and soil probes. Other sources include scouting apps, 3rd party sensors and databases, your IT systems and historical records.

Visualization & analysis

Processing millions of data points, our software creates an integrated analytical view of your entire production. Accessible from any device, Prospera gives your agronomists, operation managers and business leaders objective visibility and actionable insights.

Digital field tools

Your field staff interacts with Prospera through touch-screen kiosks and mobile apps. Scouting, labor planning and workflow management are made easier, quicker and more effective with digitalization. Our tools are simple to the extreme, yet are powered with sophisticated backend that turns every action into a valuable source of data.

Optimizing production with data

Prospera uses farm data to optimize your agronomy and operations, achieving better yields, healthier crops, and higher profits.

Full visibility, centralized control

Prospera visualizes on a single-pane your entire production. Monitor everything in real-time, from individual plant images to trends across multinational sites. With unprecedented levels of traceability and control, you can streamline your performance and take quicker, better-informed actions.

Precision agronomy

Prospera boosts crop quality with automated proximal monitoring and precision management of P&D, irrigation, pollination, phenology, fertilization, and agro-technical activities. It helps your agronomists enforce protocols, plan with more precision, and optimize their growing systems.

Higher yield, accurately predicted

Prospera optimizes farm output through recommendations for variety allocation, planting & harvest timing, inputs selection, and protocol enhancement. It provides your sales and purchasing teams with robust supply forecasts, based on highly accurate yield predictions.

Boost labor productivity

Digital assignment tools & field kiosks give your operation managers tight control over any number of farm workers. Prospera monitors and validates performance in real-time and sends it automatically to your payroll system and incentive schemes. Unique algorithms optimize tens of thousands of tasks simultaneously - and increase labor output by as much as 30%.

Customer-tailored solutions

Prospera is a comprehensive, scalable and expandable digital production system, made of distinct modules.  Leveraging this flexibility, we tailor solutions to your specific needs & goals.


Real-time monitoring, analysis and control of P&D, irrigation, pollination, phenology, fertilization, and agro-technical activities.

  • Centralized view
  • Pinpoint treatments
  • Protocol enforcement
  • Alerts
  • Improved scouting quality & efficiency
  • Protocol optimization


A combination of digital field tools and an optimized task assignment system helps you to manage your workforce.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Optimal task allocation
  • Precise performance tracking
  • Integration with HR and payroll systems

Yield anlalytics

Monitor and predict yield performance in real time to optimize both growing efficiency and commercial results

  • Data-rich yield prediction (multiple timeframes)
  • Yield traceability
  • Quantity validation
  • Optimized planning (planting variety & timing)
  • Centralized view

Committed to your success

We align our goals completely with yours. When you prosper with our technology, we grow too. So, our line-up of service specialists will help you get the most out of the system.

Customer success manager

Your CSM will study your special needs and concerns, and make sure they are all answered. They will accompany the deployment, oversee the building of the interfaces to your data sources and train your staff in operating the system.

Data consultant

Just like growing, data analysis is an art that takes time to master. Your dedicated data consultant will help you unleash the power of your field data. From answering simple questions to performing complex analyses, your consultant will always be available to you.

Technical support

Our help desk answers your queries and makes sure the system works flawlessly. Most issues are resolved remotely, but when needed our local teams assist you on-site.

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Prospera does to farming what Microsoft Office™ has done for business. It’s deeply transformative, yet easy to understand, quick to roll out, and simple to use. Offered at an annual subscription model, Prospera is available for large-scale growers of high-value crops.

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